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The Mucky Duck can be used in several ways:

  1. from direct input of personal bests. Entry Form
  2. from a swim log like this one that Carl is currently using (most of these swims are from workouts, not meets) ../addy/gwg03-swims-70-74.htm
  3. from USMS database of individual swim meet results. A procedure has been written to import "individual meet swims" from USMS.ORG, but it is difficult to parse the swims out of the html & pdp code, so we aren't getting all the swims. The following table shows where we've tried and how many of the swims at we've managed to parse out of the on-line report. (Click here for links to reports for these swimmers: The Mucky Duck )
027T3Carl House215119
02DKDIlaria Guidoboni-Peters3015
05EJYRay L Venture23318
0287GAnn B Thomas268146
4SW1MNadine K Day997329
UNC23Bill Brenner43737
027BRCav Cavanaugh545185
027BSDebbie D Cavanaugh534139
01R6AJeanne E Seidler40684
028EAAdrienne Chin-Ogilvie283127
01W5PMary Jane Mullins36283
01V2NBarbara Protzman708475
01Y6MEd M Tsuzuki10239

• Home Page  • Whats New  • Site Map  • Web Links  • Swim Logs  • Recap  • Duck Data  • Library  • Comments 

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