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The Mucky Duck was created somewhere around 2000 and used for about 60 prominent USMS swimmers in 2002. Recently as we've begun to realize that putting in the miles doesn't do it and swimming at race pace is the way to train, we've renewed it. Now we have created Mucky Duck reports on about 133 swimmers. The best current reports are shown in the first row below (MckyDuck) which uses USMS data for 32 swimmers. We are experimenting with using swims from workouts and those are shown in the second row below (DuckyDo). For a good example, see the swim log for "Carl workouts". This is 75 swims in meets and workouts for Carl in the last year of the 70-74 age group. Whereever you see "PB" in the left hand side that means a personal best that is still standing. Whereever you see "pb" on the left that means a personal best at the time that was later replaced with a faster time. Carl's goal during this year has been to get one or more personal bests in every workout and his times are dropping subtantially.

Analysis & GoalsSwimLogsRecap 
The Mcky Duck/duckdata  (local)The Mcky Duck/swimlogs  (local)The Mcky Duck/recap  (local) USMS only, 32 swimmers, 190 pages
DuckyDo/duckdata  (local)DuckyDo/swimlogs  (local)DuckyDo/recap  (local) inc. workouts, 2 swimmers, 18 pages
Mucky Duck 2002/tables  (local) USMS only, 74 swimmers, 97 pages
The Mucky Duck/duckdata  (local)The Mucky Duck/swimlogs  (local)The Mucky Duck/recap  (local) USMS only, 6 swimmers, 43 pages
Addy's Ducks/duckdata  (local)Addy's Ducks/swimlogs  (local)Addy's Ducks/recap  (local) USMS only, 7 swimmers, 48 pages
Garp/duckdata  (local)Garp/swimlogs  (local)Garp/recap  (local) USMS only, 1 swimmer, 42 pages

• Home Page  • Whats New  • Site Map  • Web Links  • Swim Logs  • Recap  • Duck Data  • Library  • Comments 

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