Lifestyle Lessons from Masters Athletes

Strategic Planning for Florida Gold Coast

USMS adopted the following core objectives in 2003:

Service the Membership
Educate the Membership
Build the Membership

The table below presents how we might develop strategies and priorities in this framework for our LMSC. Implementation may not be accomplished quickly, but we may wish to set priorities and assign responsibilities along these lines. (Virginia LMSC has developed a structure like this and we've taken ideas from it)

Suggested LMSC Goals and Strategies

USMS Core Objective LMSC Objectives Strategies Responsible Committee/ Individual
Service Fully implement officials certification procedures.
•Advertise dates for Officials Clinics and recruit attendees.
•Encourage participation in swim clinics.
Service Improve Communications
•Continue to update and maintain our web site.
•Develop strategy for how to use our e-mail lists.
•Publicize our calendar of events.
Service Build competitive calendar and quality of meets.
•Mentor meet and race directors if needed.
•Revise Meet Directors guidelines to include pool measurement information, duties of officials, timing adjustments, officials rosters and report forms, etc.

•Meet Directors
•Long Distance
Service Promote USMS fitness events to our membership Newsletter articles and communication to groups, pools and teams. Fitness
Education Promote education for swimmers and coaches.
•Fund attendance at ASCA clinics and consider attendance at ASCA convention.
•Develop strategy for coach/mentor clinic.
•Gather articles on rules interpretations and officials.
•Gather articles on fitness topics.

•Coaches to develop selection process for ASCA activity.
Education Promote safety education Information for local groups and teams Safety
Build the Membership Promote masters swimming in Florida Gold Coast.
•Maintain up-to-date list of pools and promote Masters with pool managers.
•Create list of swim shops and keep literature there so they can tell their customers about Masters swimming.
•Use USMS brochures and planning committee materials.
•Should we create our own flyer ?
•Promote fitness events (virtual swims, postal swims, check-off challenge, etc.).
•Contact USMS liaison to USA-Triathlon to formulate local-level strategies.
•Visit under-represented areas to assist in club development and promotion of masters swimming.
•Outreach to USA-Swimming clubs to promote masters swimming.


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