Lifestyle Lessons from Masters Athletes


Body Weight Training 7/12/12Kim Dolan Leto et alFacebook
What’s the Best Exercise ? 4/15/11Gretchen ReynoldsNYT
Is Sitting a Lethal Activity ? 4/14/11James VlahosNYT
Fascial exercises improve movement throughout the body 3/25/10Vicky HallettWP
Studies Show Further Health Benefits of Exercise 3/ 2/10Jane E. BrodyNYT
Healthy Aging, With Nary a Supplement 1/12/10Jane E. BrodyNYT
Anti-Aging Medicine: Forever Young12/ 1/09Amy KellerFlorida Trend
Dieting Monkeys Offer Hope for Living Longer 7/10/09Nicholas WadeNYT
In San Francisco, a Coed Retreat Dedicated to Female Sexuality 3/15/09Patricia Leigh Brown and Carol PogashNYT
Ouch, My Knee! Is There a Bike Fitter in the House?11/20/08Christopher Percy CollierNYT
How to flatten the stomach 9/ 6/08Dr. Paul DonohuePBP
Muscles: More Than an Exercise in Vanity 5/13/08Gina KolataNYT
Personal Best, Staying a Step Ahead of Aging 1/31/08Gina KolataNYT
Torres Is Getting Older, but Swimming Faster11/18/07Karen CrouseNYT
Exercise on the Brain11/ 8/07Sandra Aamodt & Sam WangNYT
Survey: Seniors have sex into 70s, 80s 8/23/07Rob SteinThe Washington Post
Many U.S. seniors report having sex into their 80s 8/23/07Judy PeresChicago Tribune
Lobes of Steel 8/19/07Gretchen ReynoldsNYT
For Your Other 600 Muscles 6/12/07Howard SchneiderWP
A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion 5/ 3/07Peter JaretNYT
And Now, a Sip of History: The Mint Julep, Personified 5/ 2/07Pableaux JohnsonNYT
Trail Mix Isn't Just for Hikers 5/ 1/07Karla CookNYT
7 minutes in the sun can lead to lifetime of problems 4/16/07Meghan MeyerPBP
Scientific reckoning of the sex drive 4/13/07Natalie AngierNYT
EnjoyingSex 4/13/07 NYT
Pas de Deux of Sexuality Is Written in the Genes 4/10/07Nicholas WadeNYT
The Search for the Female Equivalent of Viagra 4/10/07Natalie AngierNYT
Birds Do It, Bees Do It, People Seek the Keys to It 4/10/07Natalie AngierNYT
A Lively Libido Isn’t Reserved for the Young 4/10/07Jane E. BrodyNYT
A Conversation With Pepper Schwartz, A Sociologist of Sex, for the Benefit of the Masses 4/10/07Claudia DreifusNYT
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