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Body Weight Training

July 12, 2012; Facebook; Body Weight Training; by Kim Dolan Leto et al.

Question: Do you believe you can get in shape using your own body weight-think pushups, pull ups, planks, plyos, burpees, and glider training for cardio. I'm currently writing an article on Training With Your Own Body Weight, and I would love your opinion. Any thoughts?

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Lisl Croft Yes! 19 hours ago Like 2.

Caroline Cloutier definately! thats what i do:) 19 hours ago Like 3.

Julie Stewart Completely. I trained girls in pole fitness for 8 years and the results were amazing :o) 19 hours ago Like 2.

Megan Bursey Body weight exercises are great! I kick my own butt a lot with body weight plyos and do them in tabata style.. trust me.. it will def work you out!! Plus you can do them anywhere and get super creative! 19 hours ago Like 2.

Chrissy Edmonds I totally think you can! Pushups are great for your chest and arms to help tone them up if you are doing enough of them and you have the right form. Pullups are great for your back and arms. Planking is great for your abs (I hate it but I love it). Burpees are greats for your legs, glutes and abs! 19 hours ago Like 1.

Mishael Dempsey Yes! ;) 19 hours ago via mobile Like 1.

Natalie Hunt Absolutely!! I've always been an advocate of 'weightless' training. Gymnasts don't pick up a single weight in their training regimen and are ripped from head to toe. Of course, we also worked out up to 7 hrs a day too! 19 hours ago Like 1.

Dénes Csoba I believe in the great effect of doing body-weight work-outs only on my body. I would recommend for everyone, who doesn’t want to be as huge as a mountain, to use TRX suspended trainer and other useful equipment in combination with traditional cardio exercises. 19 hours ago Like 1.

Tammy Streich Wbff Pro Absolutely...look at the insanity videos and the results people get! Also what Natalie said about gymnasts.....soooo true! ;-) 19 hours ago via mobile Like 1.

Kelli Michelle I do that 2 x - a week!!! Yes 19 hours ago via mobile Like 2.

Tina Barbieri Love this idea and would definitely love some new motivating & inspiring ideas. Its so hard to think of things when you're in the moment - having a "quick-tip" article with some handy pictures for proper form would be amazing. Kim - your articles always inspire me. Love that you are asking people for their thoughts to gear info for your audience ? ... Think: Hill runs, lunges, Power jacks, knee raises with speed ... OMG I'm getting so excited to think of what you will publish!!!! :) 19 hours ago Like 1.

Gianna Miceli That's all I do. Can't stand the gym and all the planning, waiting, attitudes. Love feeling the outdoors, touching the grass, being in the open air, finding challenging staircases (F train NYC is the deepest I've ever seen at 59th Street), being along the water. I'll never return to a gym. 19 hours ago Like 2.

Heidi Malano Absolutely!!! Another great tool without picking up a weight is TRX! All core, all the time. You are really a moving plank in many of the exercises. 18 hours ago via mobile Like 2.

Allison Moyer Most definitely- insanity?? I do lots of lower body Plyos and bw movements in Tabata protocols! 18 hours ago via mobile Like 2.

Katie Moore Absolutely!!! 18 hours ago via mobile Like 1.

Jennifer K. Zuwala Totally! - and I also believe that it should be used more with beginners, instead of just throwing them in the weight room...I think not only would it prove to be more empowering to the novice trainee, but may also create fewer injuries..... 18 hours ago Like 2.

Kimberly Pfauth yes, absolutely! And get nice results! 17 hours ago Like 2.

Dinah Stricker Big YES! I'm doing Beachbody's Insanity and it has helped me to get into awesome shape! Plus it is super fun, challenging and offers great variety. :) 15 hours ago Like.

Kristi Winger Szudlo WbffPro for sure! 11 hours ago Like.

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Kim Dolan Leto Thank you for taking the time to share your input. 12 years ago, this is how I got in shape and competed for the first time.-needless to say..I'm a huge believer! 8 hours ago Like 1.

Michael R. Hamel Check out my friends called the Barholics out of LA. They use 90% body weight and the Crosscore. They are amazing. Just like when I did gymnastics for 4 years-I rarely ever worked out in the gym for any upper body exercises. I did cardio and legs in the gym-that's it. 8 hours ago Like

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