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This website was created by a few Masters Swimming athletes. Most of us are over 40 and some of us are nearing 80. In addition to being competitive athletes, many of us are engaged in careers of medicene, science, psychology, teaching and other fields that are intimately involved in personal well-being. The purpose of this website is to gather our thoughts and our writing. Our best athletes certainly have some important lifestyle lessons to offer us. We have been gathering this information and will continue to do so.

All material selected for presentation in this website will be from serious devotees of healthful lifestyle who do not earn revenue from this commitment. This website will often quote the gurus who are creating revenue, but always within the the perspective of Masters athletes. We are likely to present text identifying the gurus, discussing convergence and commonality. Spokespersons (gurus) might include Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Whitaker, Linus Pauling, Dr. Benson, Pritikin, Barry Sears, Atkinson, Dr. Weil.

Thousands of researchers are behind them. This is convergence.

Don't even bother with the no-no's, like smoking and excessive drinking. They are sufficiently dealt with elsewhere.

This section of our is the idea of a small group of USMS athletes drawing from their own experience and from the experiences of other USMS athletes. This small group presently consists of Dr. Robert MacDonald, Dr. Paul Hutinger, Margie Hutinger, Ed Nessel and Carl House.

This website will never accept advertising or endorsement monies of any sort. It is created solely for the purposes of sharing non-biased information among Masters athletes. We will borrow generously from other sources and adapt material for our purposes, always giving credit. It is our intent to seek permission, but that may come after our adaptation and study. This website is and always will be a work in progress. Webpages are our working material and the web is how we share. We are grateful for the large body of research and documentation from which we draw.

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