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You HAVE GOT TO make an appointment with yourself 3x/week at the pool. Keep the bar low and make it a 30-45 minute swim for now. Send me what you're able/willing to do, yardage-wise, and interval-wise, and I'm happy to send you sets. Make this a New Year's Resolution but start early, like tomorrow. Your LIFE depends on it. (Thanks, Marcia, I can do this.)

On Friday 12/6/2013 he swam 1650 of laps in a 25 yard pool in 49:37. Thursday 12/7 it was 47:31. On the weekend of 12/14-15 he'll swim in the Coral Springs "classic". George Schmidt & Scott Guthrie gave strong sage advice today at the Coral Springs SCM meet (12/15/2013). All 3 of us train alone and I've gotten into the habit of lap swimming (1650) as my entire workout. George & Scott both said earnestly that training should be at race pace. They are somewhere near my age and both say their training is to swim intervals of 25 yards at race pace with 10 seconds rest each interval. When they get tired, they take a longer break. Quickly after this the 50 meter freestyle came up and I realized what a joy it is to swim race pace and how I was teaching myself to be a tired old dog with my lap swimming. Henceforth I will do it their way. Thanks, guys.

Carl's USMS swim times are available and below are notes he has kept in recent years. Old pages with his meet & training history are below. In seven months he'll age up.

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