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What's New

Demo reports have been prepared for about 60 swimmers from the Top Ten database for the year 2001. Swimmers selected are those with lots of Top Ten times. These swimmers, of course, are seasoned competitors who have their own ways of doing what the Mucky Duck does, but they are the swimmers for whom data was readily available.

Inexperienced competitors are the swimmers who might be most helped by this, or experienced swimmers who might want to play with a technical tool for analysis of swim times and goalsetting. Anyone who would like to submit their times for Mucky Duck analysis can use our on-line entry form.

Swimmers selected are from the following clubs. (6/25/02)
GOLD --- 12 swimmers
MOVY --- 1 swimmers
NOVA --- 2 swimmers
O*H* --- 6 swimmers
PNA --- 18 swimmers
SDSM --- 22 swimmers
SLAM --- 1 swimmers
SLUG --- 1 swimmers
VMST --- 4 swimmers

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